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The Drakensberg! Africa’s premier mountain range, UNESCO World Heritage Site, Geographical Wonder, international tourist attraction and South Africa’s prime outdoor adventure camping and hiking destination rolled into one. Stretching uninterrupted from the Western Cape to the Limpopo, these magical mountains have drawn brave minds, restless souls and hardy bodies in search of exercise, beauty and adventure for generations. Now it is time to raise the stakes, take off the gloves, shake off the fear and put on those trail shoes, as we bring one of the world’s newest and fastest growing adventure sports to one of the world’s most ancient and extreme environments with Runtheberg’s brand new Drakensberg Adventure Trails!

The Northern Berg, the heart of the country between the Highveld and the Indian Ocean, easily accessible to city-dwelling Gautengers starved for fresh air and outdoor adventure, beach-loving KZN-ers looking for some real elevation, and Free State farmers wanting to show off their toughness, is the perfect destination for staging what is fast becoming South Africa’s top 2-day, 2-stage trail running weekend. The format for the weekend will include 2 races – the intermediate Challenge Race at +-15km per day, and the tougher Extreme Race at +-25km per day.

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Entry Fees 2016

  • Runtheberg Challenge – R920
  • Runtheberg Extreme – R1150

The Best of Both Worlds

In addition, recognising the amount of time those of us who love chasing our outdoor passions spend alone away from our families and loved-ones in beautiful but remote and inaccessible locations, the Northern Berg offers participants an unrivalled opportunity to include their greatest supporters. Nestling in the shadow of the Amphitheatre is a range of world-class accommodation to suit all tastes and budgets, where runners can relax in comfort recuperating between stages, and friends, families and children can take advantage of the wide range of activities especially on offer and be exposed to the true wonder that is our Drakensberg.



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70 thoughts on “Runtheberg”

  1. Hi Graham,
    We have put in place an earlier start for Day Two going forward. It is the geographically hotter day on the trails, and this El Nino weather looks like it may be around for a while. Unfortunately it is logistically impossible to start Day One any earlier, but luckily that doesn’t seem to be too much of the problem.
    See you next year!

  2. Hi

    We’re a group of 5 girls who would love to run. We were hoping that maybe you can suggest accommodation near by or the options offered by the event organizers.
    Thank you
    Hope to hear from you soon
    Kind regards

  3. I have tried to enter many times now and I can’t get past the part they
    Want me to enter my guardians details. I’m 40 yrs and didn’t tick the guardian box??? Please help. Thanks

    1. The entry fee for the Challenge is R920 and is for the race only. Runners can choose accommodation from all the places in the area. This is payable separately and directly to the accommodation venue. These are listed on the accommodation page. I will also send you a list via email.
      Kind regards

  4. Hi Beth,
    Sorry for the delay in responding, but sometimes limited connectivity on the mountain trails 🙂 Essentially we work on the principle of giving runners all day to complete the course, only making sure that safety is paramount and that we never risk anybody getting stuck out on the trail in the dark. As such we have set a cut-off time for the last Checkpoints (5km-7km from the Finish) at 15h00.
    Any other questions just shout.

  5. Could you perhaps update your list of accommodation.
    I have tried all the places on your list and they are all fully booked.

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