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The Drakensberg! Africa’s premier mountain range, UNESCO World Heritage Site, Geographical Wonder, international tourist attraction and South Africa’s prime outdoor adventure camping and hiking destination rolled into one. Stretching uninterrupted from the Western Cape to the Limpopo, these magical mountains have drawn brave minds, restless souls and hardy bodies in search of exercise, beauty and adventure for generations. Now it is time to raise the stakes, take off the gloves, shake off the fear and put on those trail shoes, as we bring one of the world’s newest and fastest growing adventure sports to one of the world’s most ancient and extreme environments with Runtheberg’s brand new Drakensberg Adventure Trails!

The Northern Berg, the heart of the country between the Highveld and the Indian Ocean, easily accessible to city-dwelling Gautengers starved for fresh air and outdoor adventure, beach-loving KZN-ers looking for some real elevation, and Free State farmers wanting to show off their toughness, is the perfect destination for staging what is fast becoming South Africa’s top 2-day, 2-stage trail running weekend. The format for the weekend will include 2 races – the intermediate Challenge Race at +-15km per day, and the tougher Extreme Race at +-25km per day.

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Entry Fees 2016

  • Runtheberg Challenge – R920
  • Runtheberg Extreme – R1150

The Best of Both Worlds

In addition, recognising the amount of time those of us who love chasing our outdoor passions spend alone away from our families and loved-ones in beautiful but remote and inaccessible locations, the Northern Berg offers participants an unrivalled opportunity to include their greatest supporters. Nestling in the shadow of the Amphitheatre is a range of world-class accommodation to suit all tastes and budgets, where runners can relax in comfort recuperating between stages, and friends, families and children can take advantage of the wide range of activities especially on offer and be exposed to the true wonder that is our Drakensberg.


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115 thoughts on “Runtheberg”

  1. Hey Errol, Just replied directly to your email enquiry, but just to confirm there is still a fair bit of accommodation conveniently located for the race, including:
    Orion Mont-aux-Sources Hotel (standard rooms)
    Ezulwini Berg Resort (4, 6 & 8 sleepers)
    Drakensville Resort (standard rooms and camp sites)
    Little Switzerland (various, incl catered and self-catered)
    Amphitheatre Backpackers (6 & 8 sleepers and camp sites)
    Windmill Bungalows (2 & 6 sleepers)
    Hope this helps!

  2. Hello,

    It appears I am on your waitlist, when will I know of your confirmation as I want to make hotel bookings.
    I initially registered for the 30km and I would like to change it to the 15km.

    1. Hi Enver
      I am looking to sell/substitute my 15km entry Email me [email removed] or reply with your cell number and I will ring you to arrange. Regards, Paula

  3. Hi Enver,
    Just to clarify a couple of things – you are NOT yet on the Waitlist. You entered some time ago but did not pay and confirm the entry. If you would like to actually be on the Waitlist please email us at as soon as possible and let us know. At this stage there is still a fair chance of securing an entry but we obviously can’t make any promises. We will also make every effort to let everybody know as quickly as we can so arrangements can be made etc. And then just to confirm, the “30km” and the “15km” are the same event (15km x 2 days) 🙂 Hope this helps.

  4. Hi Warren,

    Are the Physio team still available for rub downs afterwards? Can’t seem to find their details for booking.



  5. Hi Warren!
    Cannot wait for 2016 Runtheberg. Just want to ask…will there be Anatomic runtheberg running vests available again this year to order?

    1. Hey Guy,
      If you have a substitute the process is simple and do-it-yourself. Just go into the entry to be substituted and follow the Substitution process. You’ll need the substitute’s details, and there is a Subs Admin Fee of R200. If you don’t have a substitute then the person withdrawing needs to email me at and we will do our best to match them with somebody on the Waiting List. Hope that helps. Give us a shout if you have any other questions.

  6. I am offering 6 sleeper accommodation (chalet) at Alpine Heath for 30 September to 3 October (3-nights). The cost for the unit is R6500. I am also prepared to throw in my race entry for 25km (1 October) and 25km ( 2 October) should you be interested to take the accommodation. Thank You.

    1. Hi Adel,
      Please email us at with the names of the entries. We will place you guys on the Substitution List and do our best to match them with people on the Waiting List, but obviously at this stage we can’t make any promises.

      1. Hi Donald. Entry still available if anyone wants it. Challenge entry option. Paula dot Robyn dot walker at gmail dot com

  7. Hi Warren,
    Please could you advise re: the following -:
    1. How far is the Race Village from the Cavern?
    2. How far is the Race Village from Amphitheatre Backpackers?
    3. Will there be a kids play area at the race village?
    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Thank you!

  8. Hi Warren. I’ve found a substitute. I know it’s a little late but any chance of letting us still make the change please?

  9. Hi. HEIDI and I have decided to give our entries up for the Challenge distance.
    Any wait listers can please get in touch.


  10. Hi There,

    Just wanted to find out if we late for collection tomorrow if someone else can complete our entries?

    Also is there any advice to the best route to take from Joburg ?

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