Pre Race Communications #3

Hey Runthebergers!

Can you smell the mountain air yet?!?!

A few days to go! Your training is done (or not as the case may be but it’s too late anyway), nothing left to do but enjoy the rest days, drink lots of water, eat lots of greens and get some sleep.

1. Weather

For a deep mountain race we’ve been very fortunate over the last few years and have been feeling that we’re due a little weather. Well it looks like we’re going to get some. It’s not looking terrible but the forecasts are definitely predicting rain. Obviously with runner safety as our primary concern, this does have a couple of implications in terms of things like Compulsory Equipment and Start Times, which we deal with below.

2. Compulsory Equipment

By now you should all be quite well acquainted with this list but please go back to it and check that you have everything you might need in the event of the Race Organisers declaring Variable Weather. And also don’t be shy to carry extra stuff – although temperatures don’t look too bad, remember that it is way colder when you’re wet, and that extra layer is worth the extra couple of hundred grams of weight. The right gear can also mean the difference between a great day out and a miserable one.

3. Hydration

Attention Extreme Runners! Even though you’ll likely be running in the rain, the natural spring at Venus Baths about 6km in is unfortunately still dry. This means that your first Waterpoint on Day One is at Cannibal Caves, about 11km in. There will be lots of water here, to drink and to replenish empty hydration packs, but please make sure you start with enough fluid to get you here. Remember that the first 10km requires a lot of thirsty climbing, irrespective of the weather!

4. Weekend Programme

Friday 30 September

15h00-20h00* Registration @ All Out Adventures (*We have extended Registration on Friday to 20h00)

18h00 Race Briefing @ All Out Adventures

Saturday 1 October

05h30 Venue Opens

05h30-06h30 Limited Registration @ All Out Adventures

06h00-06h30 Extreme Shuttle from All Out Adventures

06h45 Extreme Briefing @ Cavern

07h00 Extreme Start

07h00-07h30 Challenge Shuttle

07h45 Challenge Briefing

08h00 Challenge Start

Sunday 2 October

05h30 Venue opens

06h30 Extreme participants arrive by this time

06h45 Extreme briefing

07h00 Extreme Start (*)

07h30 Challenge participants arrive by this time

07h45 Challenge briefing

08h00 Challenge Start (*)

11h30 Prize Giving

(* Due to the expected weather conditions the Day Two Starts have been moved out by half an hour, so Start Times are different to originally advised)

5. Runtheberg Community Shoe Drive

Don’t forget those shoes, and also any other items of running gear and equipment that could come in handy for aspiring trailrunners! ESPECIALLY SOCKS!!

6. Previous Briefings

Just in case you missed them, please see previous Pre-Race Briefings here for info on things like Day One Logistics and Transport to the Start at The Cavern, the Batched Starts and Self-seeding, Physio facilities, Spectator activities at the Race Village etc.

7. Training Tip #3

By now you should be starting to taper, or at least ease off the intensity leading up to the race. Stay within your routine and don’t try anything new – if you haven’t been doing sprint work or stair exercises, don’t start now. The risk of injury or strain on muscles that you haven’t been using outweighs any potential reward. Keep your legs moving with some light running within your own comfort zone.

Also in this last week focus on healthy and balanced nutrition, ease up on the all night drinking sessions J and take the time to make sure that you have and are comfortable with all of your kit and equipment. That being said don’t forget that those Brilliant Brewers from Nottingham Road Brewery will be peddling their wares from Registration on Friday through to the end of the weekend, so make sure yu always have #beermoney! (and thanks again NRB for the percentage of proceeds that will be going to support the local Royal Drakensberg Primary School.

See you in the Berg in a few more sleeps!

The Runtheberg Team

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