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Compulsory and Recommended Equipment List – Runtheberg Challenge & Runtheberg Extreme 6th &7th October 2018


Note: Notwithstanding today’s increasingly accurate weather forecasting, you will be running in the mountains, notoriously unpredictable and unforgiving for the ill-prepared. This Equipment List will differentiate between two different expected weather conditions (Good – cool/warm temperatures, little/no wind, no rain; Variable – any chance of extreme temperatures, wind and/or precipitation), as well as between the two races. Although Day 1 and Day 2 in both races will be quite different (Day 1 = Mountain Day & Day 2 = Valley Day) the official required equipment lists will be the same, with the Race Organisers reserving the right to grant certain concessions on Race Day as they see fit.

Please Note: The Race Organisers will tend to be conservative and strict in the enforcement of Compulsory Equipment, and there will be kit checks. Everybody is however ultimately responsible for their own safety.


Runtheberg Extreme Good weather Variable
Compulsory (C); Recommended (R)
1. Hydration System (min 1.5litres) C C
2. Waterproof Jacket R C
3. Space Blanket C C
4. Cell Phone (charged) C C
5. Whistle C C
6. Buff or Beanie R C
7. Thermal Base Layer (not cotton) R C
8. Lightweight Fleece Top n/a R
9. Gloves R R
10. Cap R R
11. Sunscreen R R
12. Basic First Aid Kit R R


Runtheberg Challenge
13. Hydration System (min 1.0litres) C C
14. Waterproof Jacket R C
15. Space Blanket R R
16. Cell Phone (charged) C C
17. Whistle C C
18. Buff or Beanie R R
19. Thermal Base Layer (not cotton) R R
20. Lightweight Fleece Top n/a R
21. Gloves n/a n/a
22. Cap R R
23. Sunscreen R R
24. Basic First Aid Kit R R

Download Runtheberg Equipment List 2017 (PDF)

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