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  1. Hey Enver, the Challenge Race is 32km over two days. Approx 17km on Day One and 15km on Day Two. The One-day Only option is to run either one of the days only. Hope that makes sense. Regards, Warren

    1. Hi Warren,

      This is very misleading. As your website states ” one-day only challenge 32km day 1 OR day 2″.

      4 of us have enter with the understanding that it is 32km trail, run on either day 1 or day 2.

      Please confirm.

      1. Hey Russell,
        Nope it is EITHER Day One OR Day Two. This is the excerpt from the website (under Race Info):

        Runtheberg 2021 One Day ONLY

        Entrants will have the option to enter One Day ONLY at a reduced Entry Fee. Entrants will be able to select from either Day One or Day Two only of either the Extreme or the Challenge. One Day ONLY Entry Fees do NOT include a free Race Shirt but will allow the option for purchase. One Day ONLY options are not available for Runtheberg Lite

        Runtheberg Extreme One Day ONLY (Day 1 OR Day 2)

        Entry Fee – R1200
        Runtheberg Technical Race Shirt – R350

        Runtheberg Challenge One Day ONLY (Day 1 OR Day 2)

        Entry Fee – R900
        Runtheberg Technical Race Shirt – R350

        Hope that helps.

  2. Hi there I’m trying to register, but the website won’t let me past accepting the terms etc. Please assist.
    Thanks Nicole

  3. Please give more detail on the Challenge event if you do it over 2 days – I can’t seem to find much info. Thanks

  4. Goeie middag. Kan ons nog vir die 13Km lite inskryf. Baie dankie. Dit sal gaaf wees as julle my kan laat weet asb.

  5. Entries have closed online….
    My son and I would really appreciate an opportunity to enter if there is one?

  6. Hi,

    Is daar akkommodasie etes opsies vir die 2dag en koste en tiepe opsies?

    Waar begin en eindig die 2dag opsie?

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