Runtheberg 2 and 3 October 2021


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494 thoughts on “Banter”

  1. Hi fellow runners, I have two entries available for the challenge, unfortunately we can’t make it anymore. If you’re interested please drop me an email at ldavidson889 at

  2. I am unable to run this year and potentially have someone that is keen to take thisentry over….please advise on what to do next.

  3. What an awesome event. The organization was incredible from the great quality kit, the food at the end, the vendors selling food and clothes, the well marked and manned course and well stocked food table on course. I was impressed too with the constant updating of results. Well done guys!

    1. Hey Caron, Thanks so much for that feedback 😀 glad you loved the event as much as we loved organising it and hosting you guys on those awesome mountain trails! See you in the Berg next year at #runtheberg2019! Regards, Warren

  4. Thank you for the great event – the trails were spectacular, the organisation fantastic and the marshals, water tables and all the helpers were awesome! A great two days of mountain running/clambering!

    1. Hey Ian, Thank you so much for those comments! It was great having you guys there and seeing you enjoy! Look forward to seeing you back with the dragons 🙂 Regards, Warren

    2. Hey Ian,
      Thanks for that great feedback! We loved organising the event and having you guys 🙂 See you at #runtheberg2019! Dates to be confirmed today!

  5. What a fantastic experience! Thank you for an fabulous event and I must compliment the organisers on an event so well planned. Everything was absolutely perfect!!! I will be back, but hopefully for the EXTREME! I came all the way from Cape Town and had a blast! My sole is still running somewhere in the Drakensberg, but unfortunately have to return to my body in Cape Town.

    1. Hey Hannalie thanks for that brilliant feedback! It was fantastic having so many CT’ers there this year 🙂 You guys don’t easily venture out of your own little piece of heaven! Great to see and glad you enjoyed as much as we did! And don’t worry, the dragons will look after your soul in the mountains for you until you come back! Regards, Warren

  6. Hi Warren
    Just wanted to say a huge thank you to you and your team for this great event. Coming from Australia to run the event was epic. In line with theme of the race of Knights and Dragons…..
    ” There were 24 Dragons but I was the 25th Knight that conquered them all”

    Thanks again for a brilliant event.
    Kind regards
    Neale Woodroffe
    Perth, Australia

    1. Hey Neale,
      Thanks so much for that feedback 🙂 it was great having you there! And for expanding the race mythology! Please make sure you send us pics of the dragon shirt out on the trails in Western Oz (sounds like Westeros?)

  7. Hi all Runthebergers,thanks again your visit at the berg, for the spectacular two days of running,your visit always bring smile from our nearest community runners, your shoes donations as grown our running community, now with understanding of mountain running, as we came from road running background, we really appreciate your help, keep on helping us, we’ll keep performance at always best.

    1. Thanks Mandla and all of your runners for contributing to our great event once again, and for representing the community with pride and dignity on the trails! And of course for your running! See you all next year!

    1. Hi Loesje,

      Entries close mid-September or when we’re full, whichever is the soonest. As far as history goes we have closed entries around end-June / early-July the last couple of years. Hope that helps.


  8. Hi Vusi,
    Accommodation is NOT included in the race entry fees, so you are free to select your own accommodation to suit your own preferences, requirements and budgets. The options range from camping to budget backpacker-style to family chalets to romantic luxury. Check out the Accommodation Page here on the website from some more details on the options available, together with contact details and distances from the Race Village. Hope this helps. If you have any specific questions just give me a shout.

  9. Hi …. I am a regular Walker and would like to know if this is only for Runners, or are the walkers welcome?

  10. Hi Warren – is there a minimum age limit on the run.
    This will be my 3rd time and my granddaughter is desperate to run with me. We are currently doing 13km trails easily. She will be 9 1/2 in Sept

    1. Hi Sharyn, the route is comprehensively marked. No GPS required 🙂
      Shout if you have more questions.

    1. Hey Callum, thanks for the enquiry. Accommodation is not included in the entry fee. For details of some of the accommodation options check out the Accommodation Page here on the website. Hope that helps. Regards, Warren.

  11. Good day
    Can you please send me information on which meals is included in my entry?
    As well as the social events and the times they take place?
    Thank you!

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