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  1. Entries are open. Please click on the red Enter here button in the side bar.
    We look forward to seeing you

    1. Hi Helen
      We are in the Northern Drakensberg of KZN. The nearest town is Bergville. It is 50km away. The next closest is Harrismith, 80km away.
      Its beautiful here. Hope you will come run with us!
      Have a great weekend

  2. Hi, is there a possibility of having an option of running the 25km extreme on day 1 and then the Challenge 13km on day 2?

    1. Hi Matthew, sorry for the very delayed reply – too much mountain air! Unfortunately we don’t have that as a formal entry option, but we’d suggest entering with a regular Extreme entry, and if you do decide that you only want to run the Challenge on Day Two we can downgrade you on the line (we’re guessing you might not decide that 🙂 ) Hope that helps. Feel free to shout with any more questions.

    1. Hi Charmaine, apologies for the delayed reply – too much mountain air! The Extreme is 50km in total (25km + 25km) and the Challenge is 32km in total (17km + 15km). Please check out The Trails page here for much more detailed info. Shout if you have any further questions to Regards, Warren.

  3. Good Day

    Erin Cottage & B&B (Bergville)
    How can I get my B&B listed on the Run the Berg and
    the The Drakensberg Experience web page.
    Kind regards

    1. Is the race for the 19th en 20th of Sep 2020 still going to take place due to Covid 19?

  4. Please advise:
    ….now that Actual Race has been officially cancelled, will Entry fee already paid be used towards covering the Virtual Race entry fees…?
    Awaiting your Reply,
    Thank you

    1. Hi Rupert,
      Replied directly. As things stand Runtheberg 2020 has definitely not been cancelled. But see your email for more details.

  5. I just read the post on FB regarding the virtual Berg race and I am very interested!

    Just want some clarity…

    When can I enter (from which date)?

    When can you start running (from which date)?

    Can I break the 50km up into 5km and 10km runs (then submit these sessions separately)?

    Hope the questions make sense…

  6. Please confirm is run the berg continuing or is it only for local runners and virtual for the rest? How would it work for podium athletes?

  7. Hi’
    I have just entered for Schalk Claasen and Maretha Claasen.
    The payment system is however not working. Please keep my registration till it is possible to make a credit card payment.

    1. Hi Jacquie, usually but not this year. With the number limitation the event just can’t afford it 🙁 Regards,

  8. I have an entry for the extreme but my wife is wait listed for the challenge who can we contact to understand when and if wait listed entries will be finalised?

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