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  1. Good day Warren

    I entered online and also paid and emailed my confirmation of payment to info@runtheberg.co.za

    Can you please confirm receipt of my payment as my entry still says Status incomplete. I would just like to have some confirmation that my payment was received for the 2 day Challenge run.


  2. Hey Adele you will have received your confirmation by now and all is in order 🙂 See you in the Berg!

  3. I have entered for the Challenge, but wish to convert to Extreme. Can it still be done, and if so what do I do?

  4. Hi, is anyone entering who is travelling from Durban. My two teammates have also pulled out thus if anyone is interested to still enter and willing to substitute please let me know. Thanks

  5. Hi. I am unable to run challenge. Broke my toe. Have sent an email weeks ago to info… but no response.
    Please advise how we can let runtheberg committee know of cancellations?
    Also who will respond to my mail?

  6. Hi Candice,

    Apologies for that. Thanks for letting us know. Substitutions are open up to midnight on Sunday 17th September. Refunds closed 31st July. Hope that is of some assistance.


  7. Hi guys, can we downgrade to the Challenge on the weekend or must we decide that beforehand? And when is cut-off to make the change??

  8. Hey Susan you will be able to downgrade up to Registration, BUT all race switches post-this weekend will mean that you will receive the incorrect Race Shirt (the shirts are race specific). Hope that helps.

  9. Hello Warren, please I need some advice. My son and I suddenly fell sick with flue and bronchitis and really want to do the extreme race. For obvious reasons we can not take part if we are not healthy. What can we do? This is our first time to run.

  10. Hi Warren,
    Do you still have entries available for the extreme and if so, would you know of reasonable accommodation available in the immediate area?
    Regards, Joe de Lima.

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