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Update on the R74

As at 15 August 2015 the section of R74 that runs alongside Sterkfontein Dam and which was under such major construction for so long has been completed and is back to its spectacular glory – 100% smooth, driveable and incredibly scenic.

There are roadworks leading out of Harrismith towards the R74, but the detours are all very easy and efficient, and then again going down Oliviershoek Pass after the dam, where there was a short Stop / Go section. None of these should cause anything more than a few minutes delay, and there is no reason not to take this route in to the Berg from Gauteng and points north.

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  1. Hi There

    Please can you give me so me info on the event – havent done it before and im a bit confused by the website. What distances are each day and where is the Start/finish every day? I would like to book but im not 100% sure where the start/finish areas are and distances for each day. Sorry.

    Thank you

  2. Running at altitude expect your time to be a minute slower than at the coast to start slower, advice. Coming from Durban

  3. Hi , I have been sending a few email to the following email address regarding my husbands entry – info [at] .We got a voucher at Comrades to receive a discount , but when I completed the payment the discount was never deducted , I made the payment to secure our entry , but now I am really struggling to get hold of you guys to help me sort this out. We have entered the race before the due date and the required payment was made as well .Can someone please contact me so that we can speak about it .My email address is

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