Runtheberg 2 and 3 October 2021

How to find us

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Update on the R74

As at 15 August 2015 the section of R74 that runs alongside Sterkfontein Dam and which was under such major construction for so long has been completed and is back to its spectacular glory – 100% smooth, driveable and incredibly scenic.

There are roadworks leading out of Harrismith towards the R74, but the detours are all very easy and efficient, and then again going down Oliviershoek Pass after the dam, where there was a short Stop / Go section. None of these should cause anything more than a few minutes delay, and there is no reason not to take this route in to the Berg from Gauteng and points north.

7 thoughts on “How to find us”

    1. Is the race for the 19th en 20th of Sep 2020 still going to take place due to Covid 19?

  1. I just read the post on FB regarding the virtual Berg race and I am very interested!

    Just want some clarity…

    When can I enter (from which date)?

    When can you start running (from which date)?

    Can I break the 50km up into 5km and 10km runs (then submit these sessions separately)?

    Hope the questions make sense…

  2. I have an entry for the extreme but my wife is wait listed for the challenge who can we contact to understand when and if wait listed entries will be finalised?

  3. I’m having trouble registering
    Please may I have assistance entering the 50km extreme
    And the 13km lite

  4. Hi,

    I am urgently looking for invoice for payment.
    Thank you.

    2 people for the 50km Extreme One Day Only (2 October 2021)

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