2016 Itinerary

Friday 30 September
15h00-20h00 Registration @ All Out Adventures
18h00 Race Briefing @ All Out Adventures

Saturday 1 October
05h30 Venue Opens
06h00-06h30 Extreme Shuttle from All Out Adventures
06h45 Extreme Briefing @ Cavern
07h00 Extreme Start

07h00-07h30 Challenge Shuttle
07h45 Challenge Briefing
08h00 Challenge Start

Sunday 2 October
05h30 Venue opens
06h00 Extreme participants arrive by this time
06h15 Extreme briefing
06h30 Extreme Start

07h00 Challenge participants arrive by this time
07h15 Challenge briefing
07h30 Challenge Start
11h30 Prize Giving

7 thoughts on “Itinerary”

  1. Will All out Adventure’s facilities open early (7am? ) on race days and will young children (12yrs) be able to stay there safely while mum and dad run?

  2. How long can the average runner – first extreme trail race, expect to be running on day one and day two? (12 hour Comrades marathon runner)

  3. Hi Bianca,
    Whew it’s really impossible to compare. It might help to look at last year’s Extreme results, where the field ranged from 2h30 – 7hrs for Day One, and 2hrs – 4h30 for Day Two. Hope that helps. Regards, Warren

  4. Hi. What is the minimum age to compete in the run the berg challenge? I have a 14 year son that can average at 4:40min/km for 30km and he would like to do the challenge. Is he allowed to?

  5. Hi Cole
    We don’t have a minimum age for the challenge so your son is most welcome! Minors do need parent’s permission to participate, and need to be accompanied to registration. We look forward to seeing you.

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