Pre-race Briefing #2

Hey Runthebergers!

Just two weeks to go! It’s early enough to start thinking about the weather but way to early to make any real predictions. Just stick to the old trailrunning motto (or was it the Boy Scouts?) “Be Prepared”. Make sure you are well acquainted with the Runtheberg Compulsory & Recommended Kit List

And if anybody has missed the previous Pre-Race Briefing please see it here

1. Entries and Substitutions

Please note that entries AND substitutions close at midnight on Sunday 23 September 2018.

2. Registration

Registration will take place at the Race Village at All Out Adventures on Friday afternoon 5 October from 15h00 – 18h00, where you will register and receive your race pack and race number. There will be a small Registration facility at All Out Adventures on Saturday morning for those people who absolutely cannot make it the day before – times for this will be communicated closer to the time. The main Race Briefing will be held at All Out Adventures on Friday at 18h00 until about 18h30, whereafter you will all be free to go back to your hotels and carbo/banting/beer load.

3. Start / Finish Logistics

As most of you will have already seen from the website, the Race Village is centred at the All Out Adventures Adventure Centre. This will be where we will have Registration and Race Briefings (see above), the Start for Day Two, and the Finish on both days. The one exception is the Start on Day One – this will take place at The Cavern. HOWEVER PLEASE NOTE that we will be providing a shuttle transfer service from the Race Village to The Cavern for the Start on Day One, so as with everything else, you just need to get yourself to All Out Adventures. For those driving themselves, there is parking at the Race Village, so you will be finishing at your car. For those being dropped off, there is absolutely NO parking at or near The Cavern, and we strongly recommend that all drop-offs happen at All Out Adventures. For those of you lucky enough to be staying at The Cavern, you can literally roll out of bed to the Start. Similarly for those staying on the doorstep of The Cavern at Sungubala and The Ledges. You guys will in fact end up at the Finish without your cars, so please be aware of that. There will NOT be an official shuttle from the Finish back to The Cavern, but as has been the case in previous years, it should not be difficult to source a lift if needed.

Official Runtheberg 2018 Start Times:

Extreme – 07h00 (Day One & Two)

Challenge – 08h00 (Day One & Two)

A more detailed Race Weekend Program will be communicated closer to the time.

4. Runtheberg Community Shoe Drive

Don’t forget!! Shoes as well as socks and any other running clothing or equipment that you’re no longer in love with will find a very good and much appreciated home amongst our local running community here in the mountains.

5. Physio

Don’t forget!! Bookings in advance at

6. Runtheberg 2018 Kit

You can order and pre-purchase the fantastic hi-quality Runtheberg 2018 Race Peaks and Chidos (like a buff ?? ) here for collection at Registration

7. Spectator Activities at the Race Village

For spectators and non-running family, Runtheberg is the event with a difference! Most of the activities offered by the brilliant All Out Adventures Adventure Centre will be available over the course of the Race Weekend, including the kingswing, ziplines, and paintball. There will also be access to All Out’s legendary MTB trails, perfect for your friends and partners who are not yet brave enough to run while they wait for you to finish. Rental bikes will be available.

8. Kids’ Facilities

The Race Village and the entire area is heaven for active kids and we love seeing them there with you. However, to answer some of your questions, we do not have any dedicated child-care facilities or any controlled area at the Race Village where you will be able to Drop & Go.

9. Training Tip #3

Speedwork! This is a general running tip but is especially applicable to trail running where, as opposed to the predictable surface and manageable gradients of road running, the surprises that the trail can throw at you can be exhausting (and even dangerous). One of the best ways to train yourself to be able to literally take everything in your stride is to vary your speeds in a few training runs. Practise running faster than usual for sections of your run and include some short sprints, then without stopping to catch your breath ease into your comfortable pace again. Repeat. This will get your brain, legs and lungs used to not breaking rhythm without getting too fatigued by the inevitable obstacles and surprises.

10. Training Tip #4

Technical Running! A popular phrase thrown around by all trail runners with very little common definition ?? Without trying to set a standard, all good trails should have some degree of technicality, and the Runtheberg Trails have some of the most technical runnable trails on the calendar (this does NOT mean “most technical” but rather “most technical while still being largely runnable – there is a difference). The only real way to practise technical running is, well, to run technical. But it’s not that hard to find, with even most city parks having some sections where you can run over rocks or roots or even just off the established trail. Practise things like foot placement, forward planning in your mind, constant concentration, and slowing down your usual pace while lifting your feet higher. It will be worth it.

That’s it for now. As usual please just shout with any questions. Counting down……

The Runtheberg Team

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