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Pre-race Briefing #2


Just over a week to go!! It’s too early to predict the Race Weekend weather just yet but what is certain is that the rains kick off next week! Make sure you’re properly acquainted with the Compulsory Equipment lists and that you pack accordingly for all conditions.

Runtheberg 20221

1. Entries

With the recent relaxation of Covid Lockdown restrictions on outdoor event participation numbers, we have extended entries until midnight Sunday 26 September 2021. If you know anybody still interested in entering let them know and they can enter directly at

2. Registration, race-numbers and shirt collection

Registration will be at the Race Village at All Out Adventures on Friday 1 October 2021 from 14h30 until 18h00, where runners will be able to collect their Race Shirts and Race Numbers. Limited participant numbers and extended Registration hours mean that the process should flow smoothly with no backlogs or traffic jams, but please remember that mask rules and social distance guidelines with be applicable throughout. Runners arriving early on Saturday will be able to register and collect their stuff at All Out Adventures from 05h30 to 07h00 on Saturday.

3. COVID-19 screening

Runners will be asked to complete a questionnaire and disclaimer and to have their temperatures taken at Registration.

4. Race Briefing

There will be no physical Race Briefing on Friday evening. Runners will be requested to continue to their accommodation once they have completed the Registration process. The main Race Briefing will be communicated to runners on Thursday 30 September by email. We will have shorter Briefings before each Batch at the Start on both mornings.

5. Start/Finish logistics

The Start for Day Two, and the Finish on both days will be at the Race Village at All Out Adventures. The one exception is the Start on Day One – this will take place at The Cavern. However please note that we will be providing a shuttle transfer service from the Race Village to The Cavern for the Start on Day One, so as with everything else, you just need to get yourself to All Out Adventures.

Shuttle times from All Out Adventures are:

Extreme – 06h00-06h30

Challenge – 07h00-07h30

Lite – 07h30-07h45

If you are registering on Saturday morning please make sure that you give yourself enough time to register and catch the shuttle to the Start of your race.

For those driving themselves, there is parking at the Race Village, so you will be finishing at your car. For those being dropped off, there is absolutely NO parking at or near The Cavern, and we strongly recommend that all drop-offs happen at All Out Adventures. The shuttle will be the signature Runtheberg open-back cattle truck, which those of you returning Runthebergers know and love. For those of you lucky enough to be staying at The Cavern, you can literally roll out of bed to the Start. Similarly for those staying on the doorstep of The Cavern at Sungubala and The Ledges. You guys will in fact end up at the Finish without your cars, so please be aware of that. There will NOT be an official shuttle from the Finish back to The Cavern, but as has been the case in previous years, it should not be difficult to source a lift if needed.

Official Runtheberg 2021 Start Times:

Extreme – 07h00 (Day One & Two)

Challenge – 08h00 (Day One & Two)

Lite – 08h15 (Day One & Two)

6. Batched starts

As always we will have batching at the Start. COVID-era races tend to be less competitive so there is less pressure for racing snakes to ensure a front-line start. Batching will be done on a self-seeding basis and the priority will be adequate social distancing within Batch Pounds. Race Times will be adjusted to reflect Batch Start Times. The Race Organisers reserve the right to control the sizes of the Batches at the Start and to move runners from one Batch to another as may be deemed necessary.

7. Cut-off times

In the interests of runner safety and to ensure that no runners risk being stuck out in the mountains in the dark, we will be applying a strict Cut-off policy. For both Challenge and Extreme Races on both Day One and Day Two runners need to be through the final Checkpoint / Water Table by no later than 15h00. Any runners not through by that time will be transported back to the Race Village.

8. Water Tables, hydration & nutrition

There is one station on Day One for the Challenge at approximately 8km in, and two stations on Day Two spaced close together at approximately 7km and 10km. The Extreme has stations on Day One at approximately 11km and 16km, and on Day Two at approximately 7km and 20km. There are no stations on the Lite. All Water Tables will be well stocked with crystal clear refreshing Drakensberg natural water, and most will also have Coke. Water Tables will be manned by marshals who will assist with pouring water into runners’ hydration packs and/or cups to minimise surface contact and eliminate sharing. Remember that runtheberg is officially designated as a “carry-your-own’ event so all runners need to have their own cups/flasks/bottles. We will be providing a small range of wrapped snack options at the tables, but nutrition requirements, especially important for Extreme runners, are each participant’s own responsibility, as are any additional hydration needs. Social distance guidelines will be observed at all stations.

9. Lunch Vouchers

All runners will be given Lunch Vouchers for delicious signature Runtheberg lunch rolls (including vegetarian options) redeemable after your run on both days.

10. Saturday Sundowners at Montusi

A firm Runtheberg favourite that was put on hold due to covid-19 is back. We will once again be having Sundowners at the glorious Montusi Dam from 16h00 on Saturday afternoon! Bring cash and cameras!

11. Yoga

For those mindful trail runners (and we know there are a lot) there will be a free professionally post run yoga session on Saturday afternoon at 15h00 at the Montusi Dam. Bring your yoga mats and take advantage of this unique opportunity to stretch tired muscles and relax stimulated minds in the shadow of the Amphitheatre!

12. Physio

Sports physio specialists will be on hand over the course of the weekend to work on sore legs and tight hamstrings and anything else that ails. Bookings can be made with the physios directly at Registration on Friday or alternately on a first-come first-served basis over the weekend. Sessions will be charged at R480/40min session.

13. Face masks

Masks will be a feature of the weekend. They will be required at the Race Village in all public spaces and at all Starts. Runners will be required to wear their masks for approximately the first kilometre of the race on both days until the fields open up and runners are well spread out from each other. For most of the trail you will be able to mask-down and enjoy the South African sun and mountain air on your face. Masks will not be required at Water Tables provided social distance guidelines are adhered to. Runners are asked to be responsible and to use common sense – if you find yourself standing around in a group of people anywhere on the mountain, mask up. Next year with most people fully vaccinated we hope to be able to see our runners’ smiles in full view once more!

14. Spectators

In terms of COVID-19 Regulations NO spectators are allowed at sporting events and this goes for Runtheberg 2021. As an alternative, most activities at All Out Adventures will be open on both Saturday and Sunday.

15. Community Shoe Drive

Don’t forget the awesome Runtheberg tradition of re-homing your previously loved running shoes (and any other running kit you don’t wear much anymore). They are all given a new lease on life and put to fantastic use with the well-deserving local stars!

16. Training Tip #3

Keep to your routine! By now you should be tapering, or at least easing off the intensity leading up to the race. Stay within your routine and don’t try anything new – if you haven’t been doing sprint work, stair exercises or climbing drills, don’t start now. The risk of injury or strain on muscles that you haven’t been using outweighs any potential reward. Keep your legs moving with some light running within your own comfort zone.

Also in this last week or so focus on healthy and balanced nutrition and ease up on the all night jol sessions! And, importantly, take the time to make sure that you have and are comfortable with all of your necessary kit and equipment.

See you all next weekend!

The Runtheberg Team

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