Pre Race Briefing #4

Hi Runthebergers!

One more sleep!! (for most of you!)

1. Weather

The whole Berg has just experienced a fantastic cold snap with temperatures plunging and a huge snow dump on the high mountains. Happily for your Race Weekend it’s already receding and all the different sites are forecasting spectacular running weather for Saturday and Sunday! You guys must have been doing something right to be rewarded by the weather dragons like this! However please make sure you pack ALL potential Compulsory Kit items. In the mountains it always pays to not take things for granted and the weather has been known to change fast.

2. Compulsory Equipment Remember Zero Tolerance for any runner found in violation.

3. Community Shoe Drive

Don’t forget!

4. Road Conditions

Great to report this, but nothing significant to report from points in Gauteng, Free State or KZN. The roadworks out of Harrismith towards the R74 and the mountains are finished and it’s a joy to drive, as is the Sterkfontein Dam piece that used to be so bad. The final stretch after turning right from Tower of Pizza to the Race Village at All Out Adventures is a bit pot-holey after the winter so just drive those last few km slowly.

5. Registration & Race Briefing

Registration: Friday 5 October 15H00 – 20H00 at All Out Adventures

For those who absolutely can’t make Friday evening: Saturday 6 October 05H30 – 07H00 at All Out Adventures

Race Briefing: Friday 5 October 18H00 (approximately 30min)

Craft Beer on sale courtesy Nottingham Road Brewery. Snacks provided.

6. Previous Pre-Race Briefings

9. Training Tip #6

Stretch and Drive Safely!

See you tomorrow in the beautiful Berg!

The Runtheberg Team

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