Pre Race Communications #1

Hey Runthebergers!

You might have seen the news on social media but if not we can confirm that Runtheberg 2017 is full and entries have been closed. If you know anyone who woke up late and still wants to enter, the door might not be completely shut – tell them to go to and to register on the Waiting List. Experience has taught us that there is always a chance…

Three weeks to go! Your training should almost be done and if you don’t yet have all of your compulsory kit items you will hopefully have a shopping / begborrowsteal list of the stuff you still need. Before you know it you’ll be on your way to the magnificent Drakensberg for a weekend of tough, spectacular and altogether unforgettable trail running in Africa’s most formidable mountains 😀

For those of you who are new to the Runtheberg experience, our popular Pre-Race Briefing emails provide an important source of race information and touch on a wide range of topics such as race prep, travel & logistics, and the race weekend itself. In this first Pre-Race Briefing we touch on things that should help in these last couple of weeks before the race, hopefully giving you all enough time to plan, prepare and purchase as necessary. As always, should anybody have any questions not addressed in the briefings, we ask that you feel free to contact us at any time.

1. Runtheberg 2017 Kit

In addition to the fantastic Technical Race Shirts you will be getting as part of your Runtheberg 2017 entries, we are very excited, together with our kit partner Anatomic, to offer an incredible range of specially designed and proudly-South African manufactured unique race garments exclusively available to you 2017 Runthebergers! And at unbeatable prices! Images and online purchases here – Act fast – these items will only be available for purchase for one week so that orders can be produced in time for Race Weekend collection!

2. Compulsory & Recommended Equipment

This is something we take very seriously at Runtheberg. You will be running in real mountains, and as every experienced trail runner knows, they can be unpredictable and dangerous. Having the right gear or item of safety equipment at the right time could literally mean the difference between life and death. That space blanket or rain jacket that seems redundant when you’re packing or even on the bright sunlit morning of the race could just save your life when the weather turns fast on the mountain or you lose the trail and get lost or fall and injure yourself. There is a comprehensive weather-graded list of required equipment on our website at Please familiarize yourself with this list and ensure that you have everything that you may need. There will be random compulsory equipment kit checks at the Start and at various points on the trails, and the Race Organisers reserve the right to pull you off the course if you are missing anything that you are required to have. ANYBODY SEEN TO BE VISIBLY NOT CARRYING ANY ITEM OF COMPULSORY EQUIPMENT AT THE START WILL NOT BE PERIMITTED TO START; SIMILARLY ANYBODY VISIBLY NOT CARRYING ANY ITEM OF COMPULSORY EQUIPMENT AT ANY POINT ON THE COURSE WILL BE PULLED OFF AND NOT PERMITTED TO CONTINUE.

Introduction of Rule – Headphones: We have been fairly lenient with this in the past but in line with IAAF rules and most of the big international trail events we are making it clear that the wearing of headphones at any point on the Runtheberg course is not permitted for safety reasons. Anybody seen by any race official to be using headphones on the course will be warned, and repeat offendors may be disqualified.

3. Runtheberg Community Shoe Drive

Most of you know this already but here is a reminder – together with some of the local running community leaders we will be collecting running shoes for the benefit of the development runners in the region. We all know how those old running shoes pile up in our cupboards, and these guys really do make good use of them. Please start putting those shoes aside now – trail shoes, road runners, cross-trainers, the lot – and don’t forget to bring them down with you on race weekend. We have also received many requests about old running clothing – the answer is easy, if you have any old running kit in any kind of reasonable form, bring it down! It will also get a new lease on life and be very appreciated by the runners down here.

4. Adventure Physio

Claire and her brilliant trail-running specialist team from Adventure physio will once again be providing a much needed rubdown, repair and recovery service at the Race Village. Please be sure to contact them in advance at to secure your bookings.

5. Training Tip #1

We are proud to know that the Runtheberg field of runners ranges from some of the most experienced and accomplished trail runners in the country to road runners who are completely new to the joys and demands of trail running. As such, some of you may know a lot of the training and race tips that we will be sharing from time to time, but hopefully some of you may find them useful. Here is Tip #1 – train with your hydration pack. This is usually new to road runners, but as any trail runner who has run for more than a couple of hours with their pack knows, it really helps to have your back, neck and shoulders conditioned to the carry. We actually recommend that you estimate how much weight you will be carrying on race day, and add a couple of kilograms for training runs. It is also important to get comfortable with your pack in terms of sizing, strapping, zips and pockets, and the actual hydration refill system – you don’t want to be finding stuff out on race day!

See you all soon!

The Runtheberg Team

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  1. I want to challenge myself next year, 2018, and do the Extreme race. Is it wise to do it without a partner? I am coming from Cape Town snd not easy to find someone to come with. How do I train myself to adapt to air 1500m above sea?

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