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Prices: 2019

  • Challenge R1550 per person
  • Extreme R1875 per person


The Runtheberg Trail Run 2019 has a cancellation policy pertaining to refunds. This is necessary because most of the expenses incurred in staging this event are committed to in advance, and as such refunds are only possible well in advance or when a replacement can be found. Refunds and/or substitutions where allowed will be subject to a nominal administration and handling fee.

  • Full payment is required on entry. An entry is only confirmed on full payment of the entry fee.
  • The full entry fee paid less a R300 administration fee will be refunded if an entry is cancelled in writing on or before midnight on Wednesday 31 July 2019. Substitutions will be allowed before midnight on Wednesday 31 July 2019 subject to the procedures and conditions described below. All substitutions processed prior to 31 July 2019 will be subject to a R300 administration and handling fee, which fee will be processed either as an additional fee or as a deduction from any refund, depending on which will be most applicable.
  • From 1 August 2019 until midnight on Sunday 15 September 2019 only substitutions will be allowed. In the absence of a substitute being found, no refunds will be allowed. Ultimately it is the original entrant’s responsibility to find a substitute, but the Runtheberg Race Organisers will assist if they can. Substitutes will be required to complete the online substitution process. All substitutions during this period will be subject to a R300 administration and handling fee, which fee will be processed either as an additional fee or as a deduction from any refund, depending on which will be most applicable.
  • Unfortunately entries cannot be carried over to Runtheberg 2020.
  • Entries for Runtheberg 2019 will close at midnight on Sunday 15 September 2019, or when in the Race Organiser’s discretion, capacity has been reached. No refunds or substitutions will be allowed after this date.

Start / Finish and Race Village

The Race Village is centered at the All Out Adventures Adventure Centre. This will be where we will have Registration on Friday afternoon (and Saturday morning for some), the official Race Briefing on Friday evening, the Start for Day Two, and the Finish on both days. The one exception is the Start on Day One – this will take place at The Cavern. We will be providing a shuttle transfer service from the Race Village to The Cavern for the Start on Day One, so as with everything else, you just need to get yourself to All Out Adventures. For those driving themselves, there is parking at the Race Village, so you will be finishing at your car. For those being dropped off, there is absolutely NO parking at or near The Cavern, and we strongly recommend that all drop-offs happen at All Out Adventures. For those of you lucky enough to be staying at The Cavern, you can literally roll out of bed to the Start. Similarly for those staying on the doorstep of The Cavern at Sungubala and The Ledges. You guys will in fact end up at the Finish without your cars, so please be aware of that. There will NOT be an official shuttle from the Finish back to The Cavern, but as has been the case in previous years, it should not be difficult to source a lift if needed. Please note that exact Start times will be communicated before the Race.


Registration will take place at All Out Adventures on Friday afternoon 27th September from 15h00 – 18h00, where you will register and receive your race pack and race number. There will be a small Registration facility at All Out Adventures on Saturday morning for those people who absolutely cannot make it the day before – times for this will be communicated closer to the Race. The main Race Briefing will be held at All Out Adventures on Friday at 18h00 until about 18h30.

Cut-off Times

In the interests of runner safety and to ensure that no runners risk being stuck out in the mountains in the dark, the Runtheberg Race Organisers will be applying a strict Cut-off policy. For both Challenge and Extreme Races an both Day One and Day Two runners need to be through the final Checkpoint / Water Table by no later than 15h00. Any runners not through by that time will be transported back to the Race Village.

Compulsory and Recommended Equipment list

23 thoughts on “Race Info”

  1. Hi
    does one need to do a qualifier race to participate in the Challenge?
    Do you need a partner to run with as in the MTB races?
    many thanks

  2. Hey Mark thx for the inquiry. No qualifiers necessary for either of the distances, and it is a solo race so there is also no need to team up. Hope that helps.

  3. Hi,
    If I am unable to attend registration on Friday, would it be possible to get someone to complete the registration for me?

  4. Hi,
    Are there any substitutions available? My wife entered the challenge but is unable to run. Are there perhaps folk on the waiting list that could take the entry.

  5. If we are unable to attend at this late stage, can RuntheBerg help find a substitute through your waiting list? We have x2 tickets.

  6. Hi Brian,

    We can try but at this stage we can’t promise. It would be better if you could possibly find your own subs before they close on Sunday night…


  7. Hey Werner,
    Start times can be weather dependent so keep an eye on the Pre-Race Briefing emails, but for now work on Challenge Day One 08h00 & Day Two 07h30, and Extreme Day One 07h00 & Day Two 06h30.
    Hope that helps,

  8. Dear Warren,

    Thanks for a brilliant weekend. The route was so well marked and the staff so helpful. Absolutely amazing trail!!!!

    Just a quick one: when will the final results be published?


    1. Hi Madri,

      Thanks for that great message 🙂
      Results are up here on the website!
      See you next year!


    1. Hi Chantelle
      Gourmet Wors Rolls are included on both days,and there is plenty of good food on the seconding tables!

  9. Hi,
    What is included in the Entry Fee apart from worsrolls and waterpoints?
    It is quite expensive, so I really hope there is something else included in the entry fee….?

  10. Hi Riana,
    We don’t directly compare ourselves to other events because no two events are really alike, but in the closest comparisons we can find in the Berg and throughout the country, for the trails that you’re getting at Runtheberg and the event supporting them, we are probably way too cheap 🙂 Not that it’s what the objective of a great mountain-running stage race should be, but we HAVE actually been rated as amongst the most value-for money-events. You’ll just have to come and see for yourself 🙂

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