Runtheberg 2022



Runtheberg Extreme 50km / 2400m

Exclusively single-track, foot-path or mountain-running.
Technical in places; lots of steep climbing and descent; boulder hopping and rock jumping; river crossings; great balance between some steep climbs, technical trail and fast running.
Day 1 tests the Mountain & Day 2 explores the Valley; big skies, rugged peaks, rolling hills; see the legendary Amphitheatre at its most glorious.

Level of fitness / trail-running experience – not for those scared of heights or sweat. Best suited to trail runners with some level of technical and distance experience, or strong roadies who are fairly fit; however trails are professionally designed to challenge rather than destroy, and to show off the splendour of the Drakensberg; very strong and fit hikers should be able to enjoy this if they are prepared to do a bit of running.